Luminary Itinerant

Celebrations and pledges beguile the 

verge of a year like 

water and ice.

Layers of garments, a 

dive head first into imagined worlds.

Melting into your work

A pause

For an ailing loved one


The Mundane.

The dream ladles out of you

Like thick honey

Encasing your ambition for the soft heat of the sun.  

You lay bare your skin, behold heartache and

budding green leaves.

Your face in an aging parent.  

You audit and tag affection, 

granting fondness inwards.

Trite ordinary routine like parasites

agitate your seething viscera.

On your restless sea you are transported

A climactic moment that comes too soon

For you desire more time before

This Joyous feast becomes your naked truth.   

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