50 Days of Prog


Progressive rock is the answer to my quest for challenge that it both intellectual and technical in nature, but also highly emotionally stimulating and rewarding.  I will always cherish my classical training, but I remain curious about what’s around the corner.  A band I haven’t heard, a singer I am awed by, exciting harmony, an inspiring guitar or drum solo.  And then there is the intricacy of the changing time signatures, and the thought provoking lyrics.  To top it off, a lot of bands sound uniquely different, my musical taste buds continue to crave more.

This winter brought with it a cold, no one likes those.  As I am nursing my voice back to health, and getting ready to record with my band, Season of the Crow, this spring, I was looking for a way to get inspired to jump back into my practice with vigor.  And so it happened, that my eye caught a title of an email right before I hit the delete button – – “Prog Report Tweeted: Our List of the Top 50 Albums from 1990-2015 from Earlier This Year.”  A quick scan of the list brought the excitement I was looking for.  What better way to start a new year than to listen to 50 best prog albums, many of which I never heard before?

The first album is playing as I write these words.  Want to know which one it is, and what I think of it?  Read my next post.