💜 5 Things to Try on Week 3 of 2022 💜

2022 is already shaping up to be a little more challenging than we’d all hoped, and it’s already Week 3 of the new year.  If you feel like you are already slipping on that resolution you felt so good about just last week, don’t fret.  It’s never too late to re-commit.  Try these things today:

#1. Set an intention for your day first thing in the morning.  Monday morning is a great time for setting intentions, make a ritual out of it.  Do it when you have your coffee.  It goes like this:  today I will go for a walk during lunch to get those steps in.  Simple as that.

#2. Break your goal to smaller goals.  Start with something more manageable and grow from there.  It goes like this:  today I will walk for ten minutes during lunch, and tomorrow I will add a minute or two.  

#3. Do not judge yourself if you didn’t get to do what you said you would do.  Self judgement is bad for you, so let it go and move on.  It goes like this: I didn’t get to do my walk today, tomorrow is a new day.

#4. Try journaling.  A simple notebook will do, treat yourself to a pen you like.  Every day, jot down a couple of thoughts.  You can start small, one paragraph, or even one sentence.  And see how you like it.  Your journal is a great place to work out your goals, and celebrate success.  Which brings us to…

#5. Celebrate your wins!  Take the time to show yourself gratitude.  Get yourself beautiful flowers, and have a cup of hot tea.  You did it, and you can do it again!

Take a small step every day, and before you know it, you’ll be miles ahead.