Shopping Local Makes The Difference

Food shopping does not have to be a boring chore.  I heard from many people lately about how they simply do not like to go to the grocery store.  I agree that a lot of big grocery stores can be boring and taxing, but you can change that for yourself.

Like anything else you love to do, it is fun to occasionally find ways to be inspired.  Inspiration can be anywhere, and for cooking, what’s better than shopping in a colorful store that carries locally grown food.

Sigona Locally Grown Sign


For Friday night dinner, I plan to make the Salmon and Asparagus with Citrus Gremolata recipe (on page 175 of the Weight Watchers Points Plus Cookbook).  I wouldn’t dream of making it with anything other than local wild salmon, and I went on a search of a store that will carry it in my area.

My search took me to a local store that I absolutely adored.  Colorful and fresh locally grown produce lined the aisles and I had a blast.  It reminded me of some of the Middle-Eastern markets (Souk) I visited as a child.  There, I would trail behind my mother and watch her closely examine each tomato and cucumber she selected to bring home.  The memories of eating beautiful food that was prepared with a lot of love flooded me when I started picking the best produce I could find in this charming store.

Sigona Cucumbers

Sigona Plums

I then found out that they carry their own fresh pressed olive oil.  Two very friendly employees offered me a taste of a variety of oils, in their olive oil bar.  I chose an oil that was somewhat mild and got a small bottle to start with.

Sigona Olive Oil

If you are located in the San Francisco Bay area, I recommend you visit Sigona’s Farmer’s Market.  They are located in Redwood City, and have a smaller location at the Stanford Shopping Center.  Check them out online:

It was there that I was able to find the local wild salmon I will prepare for tonight’s dinner.  I am looking forward to a nice and relaxing time at home with my family, as they ooh and ah over this wonderful fish.  I hope you feel a little more inspired to explore your area for a fun food shopping experience that will help create a beautiful time with those you love.



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