Local Harvest

The last few dinners at our house were improvised with what we had around the house.  We try to keep our meals healthy, and make use of whatever ingredients we have before we go shopping again.

For one night we had baked chicken with cauliflower and white zucchini, and a side dish of white quinoa.  A variety of baked chicken dishes are very healthy and tasty choice, and most importantly, very easy to make.  You can lower the calorie (or points plus) intake by using a little olive oil, trimming the fat and skin off the chicken, and adding a lot of cut up vegetables.  The only downside is that they take a while longer to cook.

On another night we had some pasta with ground turkey and sun-dried tomato sauce, and one night we went out to take a much needed break from cooking.

When you run out of ingredients it’s time to replenish your supplies.   Try to plan ahead by choosing just a couple of recipes for the week.  This way you can be sure you are not missing key ingredients when you are ready to prepare your meals.  Then of course you go shopping for food.

Shopping?  How many of you are excited about going to your local grocer?  I know I am not.  Shopping is a big part of cooking and if you want to cook healthy, you need to do some planning.

In my search for local farmer’s markets I found that there are many choices in a variety of times during the week.

A great place to search for local farmer’s markets is Local Harvest, at www.localharvest.org

I recommend searching by zip code for better results.  I found some great options in my area, and outside of my area as well.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 9.47.57 AM

I look forward to finding some great locally grown organic food this morning.  I have a couple of recipes in mind and dinner tonight should be fun.

See you soon!




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